Illegal Immigrants in Chicago to Receive $9,000 in Rental Assistance from Illinois


Screenshot: WFAA YouTube Video

Illegal immigrants in Illinois are receiving up to $9,000 in rental assistance over a 6-month period, according to a report from Fox 32 in Chicago. The city’s first deputy chief of staff, Cristina Pacione-Zayas, stated that illegal aliens are being bussed into the city are having a significant financial impact.

Fox 32 reports the state of Illinois is funding “temporary housing, including rented apartments, and homes” for the illegal immigrants to the tune of “$9,000 in rental assistance over a 6-month period, which includes assistance with moving in and a starter kit to furnish the apartment.” As with any blue city, one has to take into account the affordability of housing, which in most Democrat-run cities is off the charts. Chicago is no different, with rent exceeding $1,700 per month for an apartment under 700 square feet, according to

$42 Million To Assists Illegal Immigrants In Obtaining Housing

Fox 32 tallied up the price tag that both the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois are doling out to illegal immigrants, and it’s nothing short of staggering. The city has allocated $4 million to assist illegal aliens in obtaining temporary housing, with the state contributing an additional $38 million.

Not Enough To Keep Them In Chicago

As this report first aired in late October, it would appear the illegal immigrants in Chicago weren’t overly impressed with the $9,000 in rental assistance being offered. Some of them were reported to be moving back home to Venezuela.

The state of Illinois provided help and support for over 11,000 people housed in shelters during the migrant crisis. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) complained that the federal government wasn’t helping with the issue.

Two years ago, Pritzker announced that he was signing legislation that would expand protections for illegal immigrant and refugee communities which he declared to make Illinois “the most welcoming state in the nation.” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has been filing lawsuits against bus companies attempting to drop illegal aliens off in the city.

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