Inflation Surges Despite Positive Media; Biden Says It’s Here to Stay

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remains lower than when he took office and real average weekly earnings decreased by 0.3 percent last month due to a decline in the average work week. Areas that saw huge increases in inflation this month: Car insurance: +20.6% House repairs: +18.2% Sports tickets: +13.5% Vet services: +9.6% Shipping fares: +9.1% Baby food: +8.7% Car repairs: +7.9% Hospital services: +6.7% Trash collection: +6.4% Shelter: +6% Eating out: +5.1%— Jacki Kotkiewicz (@jackikotkiewicz) February 13, 2024 The inflation news makes comedian Bill Maher’s assertion that America had conquered inflation under President Biden and had “won the pandemic economically” seem silly. His comment prompted fitness guru Jillian Michaels to fire back, “Buy some f***ing eggs!” Based Jillian Michaels confronts the leftist propaganda on Bidenflation by Bill MaherMaher: "We won the pandemic economically"Michaels: "Inflation is insane."Maher: "Inflation is not insane"Michaels: "Go buy a car. A house has tripled here. Buy some f***ing eggs."— Eric Abbenante (@EricAbbenante) February 12, 2024Eggs are up 37.5% in cost since President Biden took office. Chicken is up 27% since January of 2021. A personal visit to the grocery store just yesterday showed the cost of chicken for dinner is approaching that of decent steaks. It’s remarkably high.This report suggests that inflation remains a challenge for the economy, and it could lead to the Federal Reserve continuing to raise interest rates to combat the issue. Follow Rusty on XNow is the time to support and share the sources you trust.The Political Insider ranks #3 on Feedspot’s “100 Best Political Blogs and Websites.”Rusty Weiss has been covering politics for over 15 years. His writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, Fox... More about Rusty Weiss