“James Bond” Joins the List of Classics Triggered by ‘Trigger Warnings’

The Bond character has changed over the years, but the appeal has remained consistent: broken hearts and killer one-liners. The British Film Institute recently added trigger warnings to films in their latest exhibition, including two Sean Connery Bond films. The warnings are meant to protect the institute rather than viewers. A survey found that teenagers support trigger warnings on films that might negatively affect their mental health. Yahoo! Movies listed Bond films that they say should have trigger warnings. Authors like Fleming, Dahl, and Hemingway have also faced “sensitivity readers” and trigger warnings. However, some argue that trigger warnings may not be helpful. They suggest that individuals must own their mental health and develop strategies for coping. Life is full of struggle, and individuals must learn to deal with hardship effectively. If a 1960s Bond film’s content triggers mental health issues, then there are bigger issues to address.