Jane Fonda Calls Out Jennifer Lopez for Public Displays of Affection with Ben Affleck: ‘You’re Trying Too Hard’


Source YouTube: Entertainment Tonight, Variety

Fonda’s ‘Concern’ For Lopez And Affleck

Fonda, 86, told 54 year-old Lopez that she feels invested in her relationship with Ben Affleck, saying that she wants it to work. Her concern is about the amount of public affection they display, stating that it seems like they are trying to prove something instead of just living it.

Lopez dismissed Fonda’s concerns, saying that their public displays of affection are just them living their lives.

Fonda And Lopez’s History

Fonda and Lopez first met in 2005 when they starred together in the romantic comedy Monster-in-Law. Fonda recently revealed that Lopez had hurt her during the filming of a slapping scene, and Lopez shared her own version of the events in a video from 2019.

Lopez Sounds Off

Lopez recalled the slapping scene as fun and insisted that she was worried about hurting Fonda during filming. She remembered Fonda as being unfazed by a blood blister that had resulted.

Fonda’s obsession with Lopez’s marriage to Affleck is bizarre, and Lopez seems unfazed by it. It appears that Hanoi Jane needs to get a life and move on.

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