Jill Biden’s White House Christmas Video Criticized as ‘Absolute Garbage’

The article discusses First Lady Jill Biden’s Christmas video which suffered severe criticism on social media.

Jill’s White House Christmas Video showcased a performance by the Dorrance Dancers, tapping through the White House to the tune of The Nutcracker Suite, with rooms decorated for Christmas. Unfortunately, the video received backlash from social media users, with many calling it bizarre and strange.

The reactions departed from the intended “magic, wonder, and joy” theme, with some users commenting that the video was “absolute garbage.” There were references made to the former First Lady Melania Trump’s White House Christmas decorations, implying that they were far superior.

Critics were quick to lambast the official Dorrance Dancers website for its statements and positions on tap as a “subversive” dance form rooted in protest and transcendence, as well as its anti-racism content.

Also mentioned is President Joe Biden’s speech surrounding the theme of “magic, wonder, and joy,” which he presented during the National Christmas Tree lighting. Despite the story’s negative angle regarding the video’s reception, the piece moves to report on the extensive White House Christmas display and Biden’s remarks on the holiday season.