Joe Biden’s Administration to Replace William Penn Statue in Pennsylvania for Inclusivity

Opinion Screenshot/EndWokeness X This unbelievable move by the Biden administration to remove the statue of William Penn from a Philadelphia park is a permanent and troubling trend. The National Park Service’s announcement that Penn’s statue will be replaced with more “inclusive” items is a cause for concern. According to the NPS, the removal is part of a “rehabilitation” initiative meant to provide a more welcoming, accurate, and inclusive experience for visitors. This decision has sparked outrage on social media, with many expressing their disapproval and emphasizing the importance of preserving history. It is crucial to recognize William Penn’s contributions as the founder of Pennsylvania and a leader who advocated for the rights of Native Americans. This move to erase historical figures is a perversion of the past, and it is essential to protect the memory of significant figures such as Penn. The Biden administration’s decision to remove Penn’s statue is just one more example of the left’s far-reaching influence. It is imperative to amplify and support trusted sources in the face of such concerning developments.