John Kasich, a Former Republican Governor, Criticizes Colorado Ballot Ruling as “Pure Partisan Ridiculous Stuff”

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich roundly criticized the Colorado Supreme Court ruling removing Donald Trump from the ballot, referring to it as “ridiculous stuff.” The one-time presidential candidate himself made the comments in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Jansing. Kasich, a devout member of the “Never Trump” group of Republicans opposing the former President’s re-election, reminded Jansing that he is no supporter of the former President by any means. However, when asked where he saw the Colorado effort to keep Trump off the ballot going, he replied, “It’s going nowhere.”

Kasich kept that trend going, pointing out that Democrats might not like the Pandora’s Box they’ve opened up here. Following the 4-3 partisan ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court, there’s been a consistent theme. While the usual suspects are offering their expected commentary on both sides, world leaders and even those vehemently opposed to Trump’s candidacy are coming out and blasting the court.

Kasich challenged Democrats to actually beat Trump at the ballot box instead of in the courts using activist judges. Further proving his Democrat sympathies, Kasich admitted to crying after his loss to Trump in the 2016 GOP primary.