Jon Stewart Unleashes On Tucker Carlson – ‘You’re Such A Jerk’

The liberal Jon Stewart took a break from the “The Daily Show” to start a fight with Tucker Carlson, who used to host a show on Fox News. Stewart called Carlson “a d***.” He criticized Carlson’s recent interview with Vladimir Putin, saying that his behavior was irrational and even suggested that Carlson was not well-informed. Stewart’s attacks on Carlson come one week after he was criticized for bashing President Joe Biden on the same show. That’s when many liberals got upset with Stewart, and now he’s making an effort to gain their favor back by going after Carlson. It seems like Stewart is struggling to regain his liberal following, and triggering them even further with his latest attempt to attack someone the left despises. What do you think of Stewart’s criticism of Carlson? Let us know in the comments section.