Journalist Nick Bryant Accuses DOJ and FBI of Aiding and Abetting Child Trafficking in Wake of Epstein Documents

Investigative journalist Nick Bryant joined political strategist Roger Stone to discuss the latest on the Jeffrey Epstein document release this past week. Bryant believes that the intelligence community helped cover up the crimes of those involved with the convicted pedophile and sex trafficker. He alleged that the Department of Justice and the FBI were involved in the cover-up, stating that the government is involved in aiding and abetting child trafficking.

Bryant also suggested that the behavior of politicians and government officials in relation to Epstein’s crimes needs to be addressed to prevent further corruption. Representative Tim Burchett echoed Bryant’s comments, claiming that members of Congress are being blackmailed to withhold information related to Epstein and the intelligence community. Calls have been made for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to unravel the Epstein scandal on all levels.

Clinton has been the prominent name in the Epstein document dump, though the media has attempted to portray a level of false equivalence with former President Donald Trump’s name appearing in the documents. Stone and Bryant agree that a Truth and Reconciliation Commission needs to be formed in an attempt to unravel the Epstein scandal.

The revelations concerning Epstein’s crimes and the involvement of high-profile individuals continue to raise questions about government corruption and the cover-up of these criminal activities.