Joy Behar Pleads with Nikki Haley to Stay in the Race, Saying She Makes Trump Look ‘Demented’

Opinion Joy Behar sends a message to Nikki Haley:

Reviewing the Tuesday episode of the ‘The View,’ radical liberal Joy Behar urged former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) to remain in the presidential race for as long as possible, claiming that she makes Donald Trump look “more demented.”

“So, the question is, will New Hampshire voters decide the Republican ticket today, or is it the last for Nikki Haley?” moderator Whoopi Goldberg asked.

“I hope not because the more she stays in, the more demented he looks,” replied Behar, 81. “She needs to stay there so that he can talk about — just to annoy him, you know? I mean, he has had so many gaffes. You know, they talk about Biden being old.”

“He’s thin, and sometimes the knees start to go when you get older, but the brain is working,” she continued. “The other guy, okay he keeps saying that he’s running against Obama. He said Biden would start World War II. Hello, you had bone spurs during the Vietnam War, wasn’t it?”

Behar proceeded to double down in her bitter anti-Trump rant by continuing to question his cognitive abilities. “He confused Hamas with hummus. He alleged voter I.D. is needed to buy a loaf of bread,” she added. “That will happen if he gets in. He warned about whales washing up on the shore. He says veterans don’t have cell phones and now he’s confusing Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley.”

“He has narcissistic personality disorder,” Behar concluded, with her fellow liberal Sunny Hostin saying in agreement, “He’s a narcissist and possibly a sociopath.”

It’s rich for Behar to question Trump’s cognitive abilities, given the frequent gaffes of her beloved President Joe Biden. Earlier this month, Biden claimed that he works in the Senate, where he hasn’t served since 2008.

During a speech in North Carolina last week, Biden appeared to confuse a woman with whom he took a photo for a Democrat North Carolina congresswoman who wasn’t in attendance.

These are just the latest in a long line of Biden gaffes, which have pretty much been daily events in his presidency. At 81 years of age, Biden is the oldest sitting U.S. president ever, and he would be 85 when he leaves office if he’s reelected for a second term.

Of course, none of this matters to Behar, who is so shamelessly liberal that she is willing to ignore all of Biden’s gaffes in her relentless quest to destroy Trump. In doing so, however, all Behar is accomplishing is showing the world that nothing she says can be taken seriously.