Joy Reid’s Controversial Comments On MLK Day: White Christians ‘Overrepresented’ In Iowa

During time of Iowa Caucus the previous night, Joy Reid, host on MSNBC, moaned about the role of demographics in results, claiming that white Christians are “overrepresented” – a shockingly racist comment to make on Martin Luther King Jr. day. Reid’s main concern is that former President Donald Trump dominated the caucus. Networks of every shade were astonished at the speed and extent of Trump’s victory. CNN was practically besides themselves in calling the results within minutes.

The most important issue of this context is that these are white Christians, Reid claimed. This state is overrepresented by white Christians and thus is filled with evangelical Christians. Reid went further by saying that the white Evangelical Christians in Iowa wanted minorities to “bow down” to them. A Fox News or Newsmax anchor suggesting that Biden and Kamala Harris won New York or California because black voters are over-represented would cause chaos and end careers. Reid’s rant was a continuation of suggesting that “white conservatives” believe that “everyone who is not a white, conservative Christian is a fraudulent American … is a less real American” would cause chaos and lost careers. Reid felt this way because the panel wondered if voters in Iowa were supporting Haley or a billionaire biotech engineer named Vivek. They claimed they want to win politics by convincing people of their point of view. Otherwise, they’re saying “We own this country, and everyone will bow down to us.”