Judge Judy Calls on America to Stop Biden and End ‘This Nightmare’

In a recent op-ed for Daily Mail, Judge Judy Sheindlin endorsed Republican candidate Nikki Haley over Joe Biden for the upcoming presidential election. Sheindlin criticized Biden for his lack of achievements during his 53-year political career and accused him of encouraging illegal immigration and leaving the country in disarray. She also took aim at the economic struggles that Americans are currently facing and the military conflicts abroad.

While Sheindlin was critical of Biden, she also made it clear that she is not a fan of Donald Trump, citing his lack of leadership qualities. She firmly stated that America needs new leadership and ideas, throwing her support behind Haley, who she believes can re-establish American strength on the international stage.

Sheindlin officially endorsed Haley earlier this month, stating that she is “whip smart” with executive credentials and international gravitas. Haley responded by expressing her honor at having Sheindlin’s support.

In conclusion, Sheindlin urged Americans to think like Americans, not like Republicans or Democrats, and to choose a candidate who can heal the nation’s wounds. She encouraged Democrats to support Haley and to look beyond party lines for the good of the country.