Judge Judy Throws Support Behind Nikki Haley, Believes in Her Ability to Revive America

The Republican candidate Nikki Haley has received a surprising endorsement from a liberal celebrity — Judge Judy Sheindlin. Sheindlin, who had previously endorsed Democrat candidate Michael Bloomberg in the 2020 election, has spoken out against cancel culture and “the PC police.” She believes that people should be held accountable for their actions and has praised Haley as someone with “international gravitas” who she believes can restore America.

Haley, who is currently in second place behind former President Donald Trump in the New Hampshire polls, has called for the Supreme Court to keep Trump on the ballot, saying she wants to defeat him “fair and square.” The Iowa caucuses are set to take place on January 15, less than a week away.

It is refreshing to see a celebrity like Judge Judy Sheindlin openly endorsing a Republican candidate, defying the liberal entertainment world. This sends a powerful message at a time when many celebrities shy away from taking public political stances.