Judge Rules to Release Names of Over 170 Jeffrey Epstein Associates

In early 2024, a judge is expected to publicly name 177 high-profile associates of the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile who committed suicide in prison while still under trial for various sex crimes. Judge Loretta Preska made this ruling, adding that some of the associates have given media interviews, meaning their identities should not remain private. These people include Epstein’s friends, recruiters, and victims. Preska gave them 14 days to object to their documents being unsealed. The documents pertain to a defamation case filed by Prince Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre in New York against Epstein’s madam Ghislaine Maxwell. However, Preska ruled that 10 other Does, who were minor victims, will not have their identities made public. Meanwhile, Ghislaine Maxwell is currently serving a twenty-year prison sentence in Florida after she was convicted in 2021 of child trafficking and other crimes connected to Epstein.