Karine Jean-Pierre Slams Peter Doocy Over Hunter Biden’s Stunt Appearance Question

Peter Doocy and Karine Jean-Pierre had a heated exchange at the White House press briefing following Hunter Biden’s appearance at a Capitol Hill hearing. Hunter crashed his own contempt hearing, accompanied by his legal team, and then fled after congresswoman Nancy Mace suggested he should be arrested on the spot. Doocy questioned the impact of Hunter’s actions on the White House, to which Jean-Pierre responded by saying that Hunter is a private citizen and his actions do not affect the President. The press briefing included several reporters pressing Jean-Pierre on Hunter’s stunt, raising questions about the President’s involvement. Doocy also asked about illegal immigrants taking over a New York school, prompting Jean-Pierre to defend the President’s handling of the issue. This exchange reflects the ongoing controversy surrounding Hunter Biden and the border crisis.