Kathy Griffin Expresses Satisfaction Over Trump’s Legal Troubles – Plans to Tour Despite Controversy

The conservative young comedian Kathy Griffin is speaking out in a new interview to talk about the “enjoyment” she gets from Donald Trump being in court. Griffin The 63-year-old told What’s Up Newp that she was “canceled, blacklisted, toxic, nobody will touch me,” and then she got a call from the folks who used to book her at The Mirage in Vegas and that they “would like to have you back for a couple of dates.”

She stated, “I don’t even mention Trump in this new show at all; it’s not that I’m scared or anything, it’s just that he will be in court, which gives me a little pleasure, I’ll be touring, while he’ll be in court. I’ll take that as a win.”

She added, “It has been wild; I’m canceled, I’m blacklisted, I’m toxic, nobody will touch me. And then I got a call from the folks who used to book me at The Mirage in Vegas, and they said we’d like to have you back for a couple of dates.”

Griffin was infamously “cancelled” back in 2017 after she released a photo of herself standing with the severed head of then-President Trump. Nowadays, she is touring on her “My Life on the PTSD List” tour, referring to her bizarre belief that she is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, something that 23% of military veterans actually suffer from, over the fallout from her Trump photo.

Griffin doubled down on her PTSD claim in her latest interview. She stated, “I’m not planning on talking about my divorce because it’s so new, but I certainly am going to describe what it was like for me the first few days looking at the laundry machine and not knowing how it works. I found, and this has been factually confirmed, I am too famous to do laundry.”

Unfortunately for Griffin, it appears that she does not have much of an audience left. Last week, she resorted to begging fans to buy tickets to her show after admitting that they are “not selling well.” The latest comments about Trump show just how bitter she really is, so it’s no wonder that nobody wants to come to her comedy shows.