Kevin Costner Reflects on Gratitude at Golden Globes Amid Divorce Struggles

In the opinion of the Hollywood star, Kevin Costner was grateful to attend the Golden Globe Awards last night. Costner, 68, wrote on Instagram that he was “Excited to be presenting at the @goldenglobes tonight! Especially after staying back last year during the devastating storms back at home. I’m grateful to be here—thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for having me!”

The previous year they were forced to miss the Golden Globes due to extreme weather conditions in Los Angeles. Costner ended up winning a Golden Globe that night for his work on his show “Yellowstone.” He referred to this as having “one of those moments.”

During the Golden Globes last night, Costner presented the award for Best Cinematic and Box Office Achievement alongside the Barbie star, America Ferrera. While presenting this award, Costner praised Ferrera for the “important message” behind her Barbie monologue about womanhood.

Costner spent much of last year battling with his ex-wife Baumgartner in court. After his divorce victory, Costner may not be done with the legal challenges. Costner provided some insight into his feelings about the matter, saying that “when you have a life that long with somebody, there is no winner… and it’s this big, crazy thing called life and how it unravels so quickly.”

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