Latino Community Expresses Outrage Over Trump Interview on Univision

Former President Donald Trump was recently interviewed on the American-owned, Spanish-speaking television network Univision.

Rather than seeing this as a positive step – after all, the man was President of the United States and might just be again – some people weren’t happy about it.

The Los Angeles Times reports, with their usual spin:

Among those most angry include The View’s Ana Navarro-Cardenas, a Never Trumper, and a California Democrat State Senator.

Univision also received an angry letter from 70 Latino organizations, and according to reports will soon receive another from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

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Democrats Worried Trump Can Pick Up Latino Votes

That the Univision interview even took place worried Democrats.

Actor John Leguizamo posted a video on his Instagram and accused Univision of “softballing Trump”

He also called the network “MAGA-vision.”

Keep in mind, this is the first and only interview Trump has ever done with the network. Democrats are incapable of alternate voices being heard for even one hour.

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Trump Got More Hispanic-American Votes in 2020 Than He Did in 2016

The Latino vote is an important bloc, and President Trump surprised Democrats in 2020 by picking up more of those votes than he did in 2016, and perhaps more importantly, more than anyone expected.

A 2020 LA Times report observed in late 2021:

Going on Univision shows that Donald Trump understands this and is more than willing to do it. Whether or not he will be allowed back on is another question.

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