Legal Team Claims Hunter Biden Photo Depicting Drug Use Actually Shows Sawdust, Not Cocaine

The legal team for Hunter Biden asserts that a picture on his phone, formerly assumed to show cocaine, really depicts sawdust. The photo appeared in a Special Counsel Filing and was used as evidence to support allegations that Biden was addicted to drugs, despite denying it on a Firearms Transaction Record in 2018. Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is facing three felony charges for falsifying information to buy a firearm. His attorneys argue that prosecutors misunderstood an image sent by his then-psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow. They contend that Ablow sent Biden the image “to convey that Mr. Biden, too, could overcome any addiction.” One of Biden’s lawyers, Abbe Lowell, asserts that prosecutors have gone to great lengths to bring charges against Biden that wouldn’t be filed against anyone else. The image is part of the evidence showing “apparent cocaine, crack cocaine, and drug paraphernalia,” leading to embarrassment for special counsel David Weiss. Hunter Biden’s history with drug addiction includes a revealed pattern of use in his 2021 memoir and failing a cocaine test leading to his discharge from the Navy Reserve. Biden’s legal team is looking to dismiss the improper charges. Despite the defense of the sawdust image, there is clear evidence elsewhere of drug use. Rumors that Hunter Biden smoked parmesan cheese, as well as several videos of him using drugs found on his laptop are further incriminating evidence.