Legal ultimatum: Fani Willis pressed to choose between removing prosecutor or resigning in Trump Georgia election probe

11 Alive Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee made a ruling that requires District Attorney Fani Willis to step aside in the Georgia election interference case against Donald Trump or dismiss special prosecutor Nathan Wade. The ruling came in response to a motion from a defendant in the case, alleging that Willis had an improper relationship with Wade. While Willis and Wade admitted to having a personal relationship, they denied any financial benefit from it. Judge McAfee criticized Willis for a lapse in judgment but did not find enough evidence to prove a conflict of interest. He proposed two options for moving forward – either Willis steps aside, along with her office, or Wade withdraws from the case. McAfee emphasized that only one of them can prosecute the case to avoid potential conflicts.

The ruling presents a unique situation for Willis, who must choose between firing herself or her boyfriend. Critics argue that Willis lied about the timeline of her relationship with Wade, which could lead to disqualification. Despite the challenges, Willis seems determined to prosecute Trump and maintain her position. Some believe that Judge McAfee’s decision was cowardly, favoring the defense team. Podcast host Megyn Kelly criticized the judge’s handling of the case, comparing it to Chief Justice John Roberts’ approach to balancing rulings.

Furthermore, the judge dropped six charges in the indictment against Trump and other defendants, weakening Willis’ case. McAfee also condemned Willis for accusing the defense of racism, calling her actions legally improper. The developments in the case have raised concerns about Willis’ credibility and her ability to pursue the prosecution.