Madden NFL 21: Madden 22 Face of the Franchise preview

Madden NFL 21: Madden 22 Face of the Franchise preview

Description: Electronic arts just released a special edition of its Gridiron Notes dedicated to the Face of the Franchise mode in Madden NFL 22, giving us a preview of this year’s version of the mode called United We Rise. After last year’s fiasco, fans are eager to see how EA intends to make amends in the next entry of the series. That implies of course to create a satisfying version of the Face of the Franchise.

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In Madden NFL 22, your journey in the Face of the Franchise mode will start with the Road to the Draft. This will give you the opportunity to start your career by training with some of the best players in the NFL at Nike Headquarters. You will also have a better control on your draft stock, thanks to College Football Playoff, NFL team interviews, and private workouts with certain teams. In this phase of your career you will also learn the basics of stardom management and how to build your brand. You will face challenges that will shape what your professional career will turn out to be.

EA has put together an interesting cast composed of people who will have an influence on your career from the beginning to superstardom. The members of the cast are:

  • Alexandra Bishop – Defensive Coordinator
  • Manny Kahue – Offensive Coordinator
  • Nia Polanco – Podcast Host
  • Ethan Rhodes – NFL Analyst
  • Brandon Yung – Nike Trainer
  • Jordan Wright – Agent/Close Friend
  • Alonzo “Zo” Aiden – Brand Manager/Close Friend
  • Carter Landry – Mentor/NFL Teammate

Madden NFL 22 will introduce a new feature in the Face of the Franchise with the introduction of Classes in the game. For each position you choose in the game (QB, WR, HB or LB) you will have access to different classes reflecting a different play style. A class will allow you to unlock three Superstar Abilities and one X-Factor ability as you gain levels. Additionally, Classes will allow you to improve your overall as well as your skills ratings. You can also get CRED and REP as well Gear for the Yard.

The Face of the Franchise will also introduce a new Career HUB that will let you manage different aspects of your career. This Hub will also give you a quick access to Scenarios, Side Activities, and Class Progression. As EA reveals new information, we will keep you informed about what you can expect from Madden NFL 22.

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