Mark Wahlberg’s Journey to Overcoming Injury on Day 1 of Filming His Most Physically Demanding Role


Mark Wahlberg is promoting his new action movie Arthur the King, which hits theaters on March 15. He is talking about how the movie role of Mikael Lindnord was “the most physically demanding…I had to fight through.”

Wahlberg is opening up about tearing his meniscus on the first day of filming. This is also a true story, which Wahlberg is excited about.

A PSA with Arthur, Wahlberg’s canine co-star, was made last week. He talks about the Best Friends Animal Society working to find every pet a loving home, and how “When you adopt your next pet from a shelter, or a rescue group, you are helping to save the lives of pets like Arthur and so many others.”

Despite his knock, Wahlberg has managed to maintain a grueling fitness regime. He said, “clean living is the key” and “everything in moderation.”

Wahlberg went to exercise and diet as keys to his success, before encouraging people “to be the healthiest, best versions of themselves”.

That’s everything about this piece. And Wahlberg is an inspiration, as he adds “We have new goals every day, more things to accomplish. We want to encourage people to be the healthiest, best versions of themselves.”