McConnell’s Plan to Take Down Trump: Catturd’s Bold Prediction

Opinion: Catturd Predicts McConnell Will Turn Against Trump and America First Movement

Eyewitness News ABC7NY Right-wing commentator “Catturd,” known as the “king of MAGA” social media accounts, criticized Mitch McConnell’s decision to step down as Senate Minority Leader. Catturd, a conservative figure on X, previously Twitter, harshly assessed McConnell’s actions over the past few years, predicting that he would work to undermine Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and the America First movement. According to Catturd, McConnell is a “war pig” who will prioritize funding foreign wars over American interests. He believes McConnell will spend the next nine months targeting America First Republicans and supporting policies that benefit his donors.

Catturd’s prediction is based on McConnell’s history of prioritizing foreign aid, particularly in Ukraine, over domestic issues like border security. McConnell has previously emphasized the importance of defeating Russia in Ukraine, leading to his involvement in negotiating a significant Senate foreign aid bill. This bill, which disregarded American border security concerns, highlighted McConnell’s willingness to prioritize foreign interests over domestic priorities.

Republican figures like McConnell, Senator Richard Shelby, and Senator Pat Toomey have shown a tendency to abandon their principles and support policies that go against conservative values when leaving office. This trend, seen in decisions like the passing of a $1.7 trillion spending bill and support for impeachment trials against Trump, reflects a desire to distance themselves from Trump and the America First movement.

Catturd’s assessment of McConnell’s actions aligns with a pattern of establishment Republicans turning against conservative values in favor of supporting foreign interests and opposing Trump. McConnell’s retirement from the Senate is expected to further solidify his stance against America First principles, focusing instead on advancing foreign war efforts and priorities like supporting Ukraine and Israel.