Megyn Kelly Criticizes Nikki Haley’s Evasive Stance on Gender Identity


Sources YouTube: Megyn Kelly Show, Fox News

The former Fox News host Megyn Kelly spoke out on Monday to blast the Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley for refusing to say if a man can become a woman. Megan Kelly, however, was not having any of it. “That’s a dodge,” Kelly said response to Haley’s comments. “The answer’s no”

Kelly Shuts Down Haley

During Monday’s episode of her eponymous SiriusXM talk show, Kelly played a clip of Haley refusing to answer a question about transgender issues. Haley said in part, “We want to make sure people can live any way they want to.”

Kelly, however, was not having any of it.

“That’s a dodge,” Kelly said response to Haley’s comments. “The answer’s no.”

Kelly’s guest Dave Rubin agreed with her, pointing out that sex change surgeries do not change the patient’s gender.

Kelly revealed in June of last year that though she was once protective of transgender people, she will no longer be using “preferred pronouns” because of how out of control this movement has gotten.

Haley Sounds Off On Transgender Issue

Last month, Haley said that she will “always fight” against biological boys playing girls sports. “They can find a place for trans kids to play sports, but biological boys should not be playing in girls’ sports,” Haley said. According to The Advocate.

“You’ve got women who have worked so hard all their life to really get to points in high school and college where they want to, and to have a biological man, who’s physiologically different, athletically, go and take that away from those women, no, we’re not gonna erase the women like that,” she continued. “You can’t do that. You can find other ways of dealing with this, but it doesn’t have to be on the backs of our girls, who we’re trying to make strong. It’s the wrong thing to do, and I’ll always fight against that.”

Kelly previously talked to The Washington Examiner about the transgender issue, saying that children are the ones “paying the price” with the uptick in young people identifying as trans and undergoing medical procedures such as hormone replacement therapy at early ages.