Megyn Kelly Slams Jimmy Kimmel as ‘Classless’ for Disappointing Oscars Host Role

Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News host, criticized Jimmy Kimmel for his hosting of the Oscars and for using the show to attack Donald Trump. Kimmel made a joke about Trump at the end of the show, prompting Kelly to call him out for not making fun of President Joe Biden. Kelly also brought up Kimmel’s history of wearing blackface, pointing out that Hollywood celebrities still support him despite this. She also criticized Kimmel for making a joke about Robert Downey Jr.’s past struggles with drugs and alcohol. Kelly compared Kimmel’s hosting to Ricky Gervais’ at the Golden Globes, saying Gervais was able to make fun of Hollywood elites in a way that was more effective. The article highlights Kelly’s comments on Kimmel’s hosting and the hypocrisy of Hollywood.