Megyn Kelly Takes Down Joy Reid: Unveiling ‘Weird Sexual Predilections…’

With a critical eye on mainstream media The Political Insider sought to make its voice heard. In the article “Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Joy Reid After She Goes Off On Co-Founder Of Moms For Liberty: ‘Idiot’” Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, known for her conservative viewpoint, had a scathing retort for Joy Reid, co-host of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” after Reid had an interview with Moms For Liberty co-founder, Tiffany Justice. The article highlighted Kelly’s criticism of Reid’s response to Justice about a book that contains graphic sexual content. Kelly pointed out that Reid had no right to decide which books were suitable for minors of all ages and accused her of wanting to expose children to sexually explicit books in schools. Kelly praised other parents vigilance in protecting their children from harmful material and criticized Reid’s stance by calling books such as “All Boys Aren’t Blue” that contain explicit content, harmful to children.

The article ended with a video excerpt of Kelly’s full comments, which accused Reid of being a partisan and a leftist who is unsettlingly pushing for explicit content to be included in children’s education. And asks the readers to share and support the source.

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