Morgan Wallen’s achievement of diversifying country music after controversy

In a Whiskey Riff interview, Ashlie Amber praised Morgan Wallen, a country music star who was previously under fire for using a racial slur. Amber, who is black herself, credited Wallen for bringing black people to country music. She commended Wallen for opening the doors to a demographic of people who love music and enjoy attending concerts. Despite Wallen’s past controversy, Amber expressed her support for him by saying, “I’m team Morgan.”

Wallen, now 30, grappled with backlash in 2021 after being caught using the n-word. In a recent interview with Billboard, he expressed regret for his actions and the impact it had. Despite the cancel culture’s efforts, Wallen is still making waves in the music industry. He has been confirmed as part of the “New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash” lineup, which will be aired live on CBS and streamed on Paramount+ on Dec. 31, according to The Daily Caller. Moreover, Wallen’s authenticity and impact on country music were acknowledged, with other big country names joining the lineup for the New Year’s Eve event.

Amber’s positive comments and continued support for Wallen highlight the impact he has made on the music industry, particularly in the country music genre, despite facing challenges related to his past behavior. The interview also serves to showcase Wallen’s ongoing success in the industry.