Moroccan Immigrant’s Unapologetic Attitude Towards American Support

Opinion is a right not to hear, Oussama, from Morocco, is a 20-year-old illegal immigrant now in New York City. He speaks his mind about what he thinks he deserves from Americans, having paid to get here. Oussama is unsure how to get a visa and crosses illegally from his home country. He aims to find a job and live in New York but realizes he cannot legally work in the US due to not having a Social Security number. After being arrested by Border Patrol, he was released and is set to appear in court in 2024. American citizens are justifiably concerned by the release of illegal immigrants and how often it occurs. News Nation reported that Oussama has shown interest in working and expressed his gratitude towards the American president. News about 0ussama’s difficulty in finding a place to live and his inability to work legally in the US has raised concerns among the American public. He stated he would kill himself if told to go back to Morocco.