Nick Searcy Claps Back at Liberal Columnist Over Anti-Semitism Controversy: ‘You Set the Rules, B****’

By Rusty Weiss

Outrage over Ivy League Presidents’ failing to condemn anti-Semitism on campus was suggested an affront to free speech by a MSNBC analyst, but actor Nick Searcy swiftly put him in his place.

University Presidents’ University Presidents
At the time of writing this, Penn President Liz Magill had resigned after Amnesty in December, a move critics celebrated against the ‘woke’ universities. There was pressure for Gay and MIT President Sally Kornbluth to follow suit.

Free Speech Debate
Following the prevention of criticism, analyst feels the Ivy League presidents should not have to suffer the consequences. Actor Nick Searcy unloaded, reminding him that liberals set rules for free speech.

Ivy League Donor
Searcy frequently criticizes liberals on social media. Beinart likes to parrot anti-Semitic rants made by people like members of the ‘Squad.’ In an interview earlier this year, he cited sources denouncing Israel as an “apartheid state.”

He seems to share a common cause with some Ivy League students. Moreover, American billionaire investor and Columbia Business School graduate, Leon Cooperman, recently described the students at the colleges as having “s*** for brains.”

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