No More Raising Right Hands: A Military Family’s Decision

The United States military is struggling to recruit new members, as fewer young Americans are interested or able to join due to disqualifications. In response, the military branches are implementing remedial training and turning to social media influencers to make the military more appealing to younger generations.

The Air Force is now trying to boost its service numbers by bringing back retired personnel. The Voluntary Retired Return to Service Program aims to fill 1,000 mid-career positions. This program has been attempted before, with little success.

Some retirees are receiving offers to return to duty, but many are declining. Many veterans, like the author and her husband, appreciate their retirement and pensions after years of service. They have also experienced discrimination and ideological pressures during their time in the military, adding to their reluctance to return to duty.

Furthermore, the disillusionment with the military’s involvement in foreign wars and the failings of defense equipment also adds to their disinterest in rejoining the military. They feel they have already served their nation and are now choosing to stay away from continued military service.