NYC High School Sparks Outrage for Expelling Students to Make Room for Illegal Immigrants

James Madison High School in Brooklyn, New York City is switching to remote learning to accommodate illegal immigrant families. The school will be used as a temporary shelter, and students will attend virtual classes. According to Libs of TikTok, a group of 2,000 illegal aliens will be sleeping in the school’s gym. This decision has outraged parents and teachers who feel that students are being disrupted for the sake of illegal immigrants. Some fear that this temporary arrangement could become permanent, lasting through the entire summer. City Council member Inna Vernikov criticized the move, stating that public schools are meant for education, not emergency housing. CEO Elon Musk warned that cities might run out of school space and may eventually turn to private homes as housing facilities. Additionally, New York City Mayor Eric Adams suggested placing illegal immigrants in private residences due to economic challenges. City officials said the high school will be used as a shelter until weather conditions have stabilized. Overall, the decision to prioritize illegal immigrants over students has generated strong reactions from the community.