Past Resurfaces: Barbra Streisand’s Criticism of Trump as ‘Climate Denier’ Sparks Controversy

Barbra Streisand’s Attack On Trump Backfires

Radically liberal Hollywood star Barbra Streisand accused former President Donald Trump of being a “climate denier” on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, last Thursday. She expressed that Trump’s denial was leading to violent storms, droughts, and fires, and cited the burning of fossil fuels as the cause.

This accusation, however, led to her own past being revealed. Back in 2019, Streisand had her dogs flown over 10,000 miles from Los Angeles to London on a private jet just to watch her perform in a concert in Hyde Park. She reportedly had her dogs – Miss Scarlet and Miss Violet – cloned from their mother Samantha, a white Coton de Tulear breed, and the expenses spared for her pets were significant.

Streisand’s past actions made fans question her credibility, especially given that she recently used her memoir “My Name Is Barbra” to heavily criticize Trump’s presidency. She argued that he was “completely unfit to be president” and that she couldn’t stand being lied to.

This latest revelation has exposed Streisand’s hypocrisy and put her in a position contrary to her views. In the end, Streisand has shown that she’s just another member of the radically liberal elite who has lost touch with reality.