Paul Ryan Criticizes Tucker Carlson for Promoting ‘Dangerous’ Pro-Putin Message


Paul Ryan, a former Speaker of the House and vice presidential candidate, has recently been criticizing conservative pundit Tucker Carlson, calling him “pro-Putin”. This is not surprising, as Ryan is considered a traditional Republican with ideologies that closely align with the Democratic party. This attack from Ryan is just another example of the divide within the GOP, with some members of the old guard attacking the more populist, pro-MAGA faction.

During a recent interview, Ryan expressed concerns about the pro-Russia sentiment being promoted by Carlson and former President Donald Trump. He also voiced his worries about the isolationist and pro-Putin sentiments being cultivated within the Republican party and the broader American populace, seeing it as a threat to democracy. However, his viewpoints have been met with criticism, as some argue that his stance on Ukraine and NATO is too aligned with the establishment’s agenda, which could potentially escalate the conflict with Russia.

It seems that the divide within the Republican party is only growing, with old-guard Republicans like Paul Ryan clashing with more populist figures like Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson. The future of the GOP will likely be shaped by this ongoing power struggle, and it remains to be seen how the party will evolve in the coming years.