PETA Takes Aim at Merry-Go-Round Maker for Animal-Inspired Carousels


Merry Go Round/Wikimedia Commons

Animal rights group PETA have taken up some strange causes over the years. You can now add another one to the list: carousels that unfairly enslave poor, innocent plastic representations of animals!

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PETA Has a Problem with Animal-Themed Merry-Go-Rounds?

Wrap your head around this one. Fox News reports, “Animal rights organization, PETA, urged the largest amusement ride manufacturer in Kansas to end the production and sale of animal-themed carousels.”

PETA implored Aaron Landrum, the president and CEO of Chance Rides, in a letter on Tuesday to end its production of animal-themed carousels and instead produce figures in the shape of cars, airplanes, spaceships, bulldozers and other vehicles. PETA argues that the animal-theming contributes to the connotation that animals are used as “conveyances”and “amusement.”

There’s nothing wrong with portraying animals as long as no one is hurting animals. If anything, you’re glorifying them as the wonderful God-made creatures they are, and how they relate to man.