Peter Navarro Faces 4-Month Prison Sentence for Defying J6 Subpoena

Peter Navarro, former senior Trump advisor, is facing a four-month prison sentence for ignoring a subpoena from the House select committee investigating the January 6th Capitol protest. Navarro was indicted on two counts of contempt of Congress in the summer of 2023 and was convicted in September of that year. Prosecutors sought a six-month prison term, claiming that Navarro showed “utter disregard” for the committee’s investigation and “utter contempt for the rule of law.” Despite his defense that he believed he was protected by executive privilege, Judge Amit Mehta ruled that there was no evidence to support this claim. Navarro was also ordered to pay a $9,500 fine. Some have criticized the pursuit of Navarro and Steve Bannon, another former White House advisor, as politically biased, particularly as the public watches President Biden’s son openly defy congressional subpoenas. Navarro has expressed his intention to continue the appeals process.