President Biden, 81, Proudly Talks About Intimacy with Jill: ‘Making Love to My Wife’


President Joe Biden, 81, has reportedly infuriated his wife Jill by telling staffers that “good sex” is the secret to their marriage lasting 47 years.

This was revealed in an excerpt from long time White House reporter Katie Rogers’ new book “American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden” that was obtained by Daily Mail. President Biden reportedly enjoys telling his younger aides that “good sex” is the secret behind his solid marriage, “much to his wife’s chagrin,” according to Rogers.

Jill isn’t the only one who took issues with Biden’s marital advice, however, as social media users were quick to express criticisms of it.

“There’s literally no amount of Viagra on earth that’s going to give Joe Biden (who can barely walk without falling over) wood. Just stop!” Donald Trump Jr. wrote on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

“The more desperate they become trying to make him seem young and vibrant the more obvious it is to everyone that he’s not up to any task!” he added.

Others got in on the action as well:

So Biden said the secret to his marriage is good sex or is it really a wife who turns a blind eye when he showers with their daughter? – Ultra MAGA Joyce Day

Biden has publicly discussed his sex life with his wife in the past as well.

“I’d rather be at home making love to my wife while my children are asleep,” Biden said in 2006. Despite these comments, he did indeed run for president in 2008, when he lost the Democratic presidential nomination to Barack Obama, ultimately becoming his vice president.

Biden’s spokesman at the time said that his “making love” to Jill comments show that a White House bid “is not an egotistical pursuit for him” and that he is, “frankly, totally in love with his wife.”

As for Jill, she’s tried to portray her marriage as being about more than just “good sex.”

“One thing in my life has stayed the same: Joe and I have always had each other,” she wrote in her 2019 memoir “Where the Light Enters.”

These days, Jill appears to be too busy traveling the country defending her husband’s mental capabilities to be engaging in “good sex” with him regularly. Last month, she somehow managed to keep a straight face while defending Biden’s “energy and vigor.”

“He can do it,” Jill said when asked about her husband’s health and a potential second term. “I see Joe every day. I see him out, you know, traveling around this country. I see his vigor. I see his energy. I see his passion every single day.”

Unfortunately for Jill, however, the vast majority of Americans are not buying what she’s selling. ABC News reported that a recent poll found that 86% of Americans think Biden is too old to serve another term as president. Earlier this month, The New York Post editorial board went so far as to accuse Jill of committing “elder abuse” by not forcing Biden to step down.

Given these numbers, it’s clear that the vast majority of Americans would find it difficult to believe that President Biden is still sexually active. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments section.

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