Rep. Mike Collins Raises Question About Reducing Legal Immigration

Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) asked the public in a social media post whether the United States should reduce its annual legal immigration intake, given the border crisis and the Biden administration’s focus on illegal immigration. The post sparked a debate, with some arguing that current levels of legal immigration are unsustainable and changes need to be made, while others view America as a melting pot and believe the current levels should be maintained. Supporters of reducing legal immigration argue that it would help protect American jobs and wages, ease the strain on public services and infrastructure, and improve border security and the enforcement of immigration laws. Elon Musk and other commentators have criticized the administration’s approach to legal immigration, with Musk calling it “madness.” Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham have previously suggested temporary bans on legal immigration during times of crisis, such as the Trump administration’s travel ban and the COVID-19 pandemic. With the top two policy concerns being immigration and inflation, some are asking whether curbing legal immigration and stopping illegal crossings could mitigate struggles facing Americans. Representative Matt Rosendale has introduced a bill for a 5-year moratorium on mass immigration, which would only be lifted if illegal immigration numbers decreased.