Repetitive Stalking: Taylor Swift’s Alleged Stalker Arrested Again Outside Her NYC Apartment

The liberal singer Taylor Swift had an alleged stalker arrested outside her home in New York City. This comes less than an hour after he was released for other charges related to stalking the singer. The stalker, David Crowe, 33, was arrested after he was spotted rummaging through a dumpster near Swift’s home. He had staked out her apartment 30 times over the past two months.

Crowe was spotted near Swift’s home many times, and he was hit with charges of stalking and harassment. Legal experts were surprised that he was not hit with higher charges the second time that he was arrested. Assistant District Attorney Harriet Jiranek said in court that Crowe has visited Swift’s home many times and has even stopped neighbors to ask where she is.

Swift has long been known for having strongly liberal views, but perhaps this experience of having her stalker repeatedly set free to continue targeting her will cause her to rethink voting for Democrats who are soft on crime. Until the liberal laws change in New York City, Swift should not expect Crowe to be stopped anytime soon.