Republican Congresswoman Calls for 25th Amendment Against Biden, Senator Urges Democrats to Act ‘Patriotically’

Senator Josh Hawley and a group of Republicans are urging Democrats to invoke the 25th amendment against President Joe Biden following Rep. Claudia Tenney’s request for the Attorney General to explore the option.

Hur’s report prompted Tenney to call for the 25th amendment to be invoked, stating that if the President is not mentally competent to stand trial, then he lacks the ability to execute his presidential responsibilities.

Biden’s mental acuity has been called into question, with reports showing that he has struggled with memory issues and mental lapses, leading to a chorus of Republicans demanding the 25th amendment be invoked or impeachment proceedings be initiated.

Senator Hawley has urged patriotic Democrats to acknowledge the president’s obvious mental handicaps and invoke the 25th amendment for the good of the country.

Overall, there has been increased silence from Biden’s colleagues on the issue, with only a select few defending the President.