Republican Senator Faces Backlash for Demanding Investigation of January 6th Committee Amid Security Footage Release, Angering Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger

Republican Senator Mike Lee is calling for an investigation into the January 6th select committee following the release of over 40,000 hours of footage from the Capitol riot of 2021. The videos were made public as Speaker Mike Johnson started releasing them, with some released on Friday and more to come. Critics of the committee’s work feel that some of the videos contradict the narrative that the event was a mostly violent protest. For example, some footage shows Capitol police clearing a pathway for individuals walking through the halls. Other clips also show curious behavior from police officers. The videos do not deny that some individuals were violent that day, but they do provide further context to the committee’s investigation.

Mike Lee took to social media to express his concerns, questioning why certain tapes were not acknowledged by committee members Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. This drew a strong reaction from Kinzinger, who criticized Lee for suggesting that the committee should be investigated. Cheney also responded to Lee’s call for an investigation.

It is unclear if Senator Mike Lee’s demand for an investigation will be acted upon, especially given the political nature of the committee. The release of the footage is also reshaping the narrative around the Capitol riot, with former President Trump, critics, and potential presidential candidates joining the conversation. The footage appears to contradict several claims put forth by the Select Committee.

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