Republicans Outraged by Biden’s Vacation Amid Border Crisis


Joe Biden took a family vacation in the sunny isles of the Virgin Islands during the holiday break, heading to St. Croix with First Lady Jill. Republicans want to know how the president can relax and take a vacation when the U.S.-Mexico border remains in chaos.

Sun and Fun for Biden as the Southern Border is Under Siege

While most presidents take flak for their vacations, because of the perception that the elites are loafing while society’s worker bees get a few token paid days off every year, most presidents don’t go on vacation when their country is under invasion. The Hill reports:

Republicans are hitting President Biden for a family vacation in St. Croix amid a crisis at the border, arguing it shows how the White House has been absent on the issue.

“Joe Biden’s vacationing in the Virgin Islands while the southern border is in crisis,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said in a release this week, while Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-Wis.) hit Biden for being “on vacation AGAIN while our southern border is being invaded by illegal aliens.”

“Joe Biden is soaking up the sun in the Caribbean while an army of illegal aliens crash our southern border. Don’t be fooled, this is what the radical Left has always wanted,” said Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs (R).

The White House declined to comment on the latest criticism, but a Biden ally bashed Republicans, noting Trump regularly played golf during his administration. Trump likely played 261 rounds of golf as president, according to a Washington Post estimate.
President Trump did play a fair number of rounds, but the border was improving. Biden, on the other hand, has seen record bad months in record bad years. And after returning from vacation, Biden announced that the administration would open further ports of entry during the invasion crisis. Now is the time to support and share the sources you trust.