Rob Reiner’s Criticism of Trump and Conservative Christians Sparks Controversy in Hollywood

The radically liberal Hollywood star Rob Reiner launched a truly vile attack on Donald Trump and conservative Christians yesterday, accusing the former president of being a “mouthpiece” for the Christian nationalist movement. Reiner, 76, went on MSNBC on Monday to promote his new documentary God & Country, which “looks at the implications of Christian Nationalism and how it distorts not only the constitutional republic but Christianity itself,” according to IMDB.

Reiner zeroed in on bashing Trump, which is one of his favorite past-times. “Donald Trump is more than happy to be their mouthpiece. We see this connection,” he claimed. “We can slip into an autocracy very easily. You hear this all the time on your show and many other shows, but the fight right now as between whether or not we preserve our democracy or we slip into a theocratic autocracy.” That’s what this movement wants. They believe that this is a white Christian nation. That’s what it should be. And that’s what we bring out in the film. And they’re not only poisoning democracy, they’re also poisoning Christianity,” Reiner concluded. “This is not a religious movement. this is a political movement that is after sheer power. That’s the fear that they have this mouthpiece, and he is going to ride this or he’s going to try to ride this all the way to the White House.”

Reiner has long been one of the most shameless and ignorant liberals in Hollywood, and he’s only gotten worse with age. His attacks on Christians are nothing short of bigoted, and it’s disgraceful that Hollywood continues to give him a platform to launch them.