Robert De Niro’s Unwavering Support for Biden: He’d Vote for Him “On a Gurney” Over Trump

In the opinion, Hollywood star Robert De Niro has confirmed his Trump derangement syndrome and stated that he would vote for Joe Biden even if he was “on a gurney.”
De Niro, 80, became emotional in a recent interview where he talked about his 2023 and his biggest concern was getting through the situation with Trump. He went on to say that Biden is “the right guy” to take down Donald Trump and even suggested that the Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley could “maybe” be someone who could beat Trump.
He also responded to Trump calling him a “total loser,” saying that if Trump gets elected, it will be very hard to turn around. In response, Trump branded De Niro as “unwatchable” and a “total loser.”
De Niro and his fellow radical leftists would rather see America fail under Biden than see the country succeed under Trump, and there’s nothing more sad than that.