San Francisco Retailers Scrap Self-Checkout Amid Spike in Shoplifting

Under California law, theft under $950 is not investigated. This has led to shoplifting becoming out of control in some California cities, causing stores to make changes. In San Francisco, this has meant getting rid of self-checkout machines.

Safeway and Target closed their self-checkout kiosks to deter shoplifting. The store’s security measures recently include the installation of security gates at self-checkout kiosks that require a receipt to exit the store. Some locations have even removed self-checkout lanes entirely.

The San Francisco Police Department has been taking action against shoplifters, yet the city is still plagued by theft problems. The state’s laws make it difficult for security guards to take physical action against theft, leading to an increase in store closures and theft incidents.

The lenient theft laws have sparked criticism, and many are attributing the rise in crime to them. This issue is causing people to lose faith in the state and to leave California.