Scientific Hope: Ted Cruz Reveals Study on Growing Lab-Made Testicles, Potential Boost for Democrats


The tiny, artificial organs, produced from cells extracted from mouse testes. He shared the development on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, and promptly neutered one political party. Personally, I’m not sure what Cruz is trying to insinuate here. Just because Democrats are the party that has no idea what a woman is because they’re not biologists. Keep dreaming, Liz. How could you possibly know?” he quipped. Aside from providing hope for Democrats, the potential for testicles grown in a lab might provide hope for the Republican party as well. They’ve been little more than feckless eunuchs, joining Democrats to pass spending bills and provide foreign aid while ignoring the crisis at the border. Maybe someday they’ll grow a set and do what they were elected to do in stopping the Democrat party from destroying America.