Senator Chris Murphy’s Surprising Revelation: Democrats Prioritize Care for Illegal Immigrants


Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) pulled the curtain back on his own party during an interview, claiming Democrats “care about most” on “undocumented Americans”.

Murphy resorted to a new term for illegal immigrants. They are not undocumented, they are illegal, and they most certainly are not Americans by any definition.

Negotiations on immigration looked no different to Murphy. “You are right that that has been the Democratic strategy for 30 years, maybe, and it has failed to deliver for the people we care about most, the undocumented Americans that are in this country,” he responded.

Senator Murphy uses the term “undocumented Americans” to refer to the millions of illegal immigrants that President Joe Biden has resettled in communities across the country while undeniably showing where their priorities lie.

The Democrats have reduced deportations and the capacity to detain illegals if the $118 billion foreign aid bill is not passed. Those moves were viewed as threatening the lives and jobs of the American people and holding them hostage.

Senator Murphy seems to care only for the “undocumented Americans” rather than showing concern for the American people who are in desperate need of help.