Senator Hawley Questions Biden’s Knowledge and Funding of Nord Stream Pipeline Bombings

Last week, the Washington Post reported that it was Ukraine – or at least one of the nation’s top military officers – who was responsible for blowing up the vital Nord Stream pipeline, something Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy denied at the time.

With this news, Republican Senator Josh Hawley wonders why the U.S. would continue sending Ukraine money.

Hawley, who has long been a critic of unqualified aid to Ukraine, made his remarks in an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Monday.

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“The truth is Laura, we shouldn’t be sending any more money to Ukraine. And what else is true is that the Biden administration needs to come clean to the American people about what they know. We’re learning now from these news reports that our government had advanced warning about the Nord Stream 2 bombing, that our government knew that it was likely the Ukrainians that did it,” Hawley told Ingraham.

“I think it’s time that Joe Biden leveled with the American people.”

‘Has Any of Our Money Gone Towards the Nord Stream Two bombing?

Hawley said there needed to be accountability for this foreign aid spending.

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Ukraine Did It?

The Political Insider reported on Monday:

This revelation is unlikely to help any of the principals in the backroom talks about a peace agreement with Russia.

It also adds more fuel for opponents of aid to Ukraine. With a $33 trillion national debt and rampant inflation, why is America sending money to any other countries at all, let alone ones that would carry out such attacks?