She Served: A Female Veteran’s Perspective on Women in the Military This International Women’s Day

I always questioned the need for special treatment for women. I enlisted in the Air Force to rise above my economic circumstances with the encouragement of my parents. I never felt the pressure to be a role model for women until I became a senior leader. Inspirational women like Captain Linda Bray, Colonel Martha McSally, Major Lauren Edwards, Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester, and Sergeant Nicole Gee paved the way for women in combat roles. These brave women defied stereotypes and succeeded in male-dominated fields. Unfortunately, Sergeant Gee’s heroic actions were cut short during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Women in the military face unique challenges, but our strength of character transcends gender. It’s essential to support and appreciate the sacrifices of female service members, past, present, and future. Thank you for your service, ladies.