Snoop Dogg’s Surprising Declaration of ‘Love and Respect’ for Donald Trump


Source YouTube: All The Smoke, Sky News Australia

The rapper Snoop Dogg is speaking out to say that he has nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump despite publicly bashing the former president on various occasions. He has parodied Trump’s assassination in his music videos and labeled him a racist, clown president in the past.

Daily Mail reported that Snoop has urged people not to vote for Trump, and branded him a racist president in the past. However, he had a change of heart, stating that Trump did great things when he pardoned his friend Michael Harris from his prison sentence back in 2021. He said he has nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump.

Back in 2021, Snoop praised Trump for the great work he did on the way out after he pardoned the cocaine kingpin Michael “Harry O” Harris.

This was in stark contrast to comments that Snoop made about Trump and his supporters in the past. In 2019, he urged government employees not to vote for Trump because he minimized their issues. He also parodied Trump’s assassination in a music video.

Later that year, Snoop posted an image to Instagram that showed him standing over a dead body covered with an American flag with the tag “Trump.” He wanted to address the real issues with the president and his administration.

We’re glad to see that after many years of being radically anti-Trump, Snoop has finally come around. Though liberals might be livid about Snoop’s remarks, we can hope that he officially endorses Trump in this year’s presidential election!