So Many Reasons for Gillian Anderson’s Vagina-Covered Dress at the Golden Globes

The former “X Files” star Gillian Anderson shocked the world on Sunday night with a vagina-covered dress she wore to the Golden Globe Awards.

“It has vaginas on it,” Anderson said, adding that she chose to wear this dress for “so many reasons.”

“This was likely a reference to Anderson portraying Jean Milburn, a sex therapist and overbearing mother to teenage son Otis Milburn on “Sex Education.” During the first season of the show, Anderson featured vagina workshops and vulva-inspired art throughout her home, according to USA Today.

“Now people send me stuff that they’ve seen – shadows, plants, basically anything that looks like a penis or yoni,” Anderson continued.

People Magazine reported that Anderson completed her look last night “with plenty of Chopard jewels, including an 18k white gold necklace with a 10-carat pear-shaped yellow diamond and nearly 30 carats of diamonds, earrings in 18k yellow gold and 18k white gold with four pear-shaped yellow diamonds totaling 15 carats of yellow diamonds and a pair of white diamonds totaling .50-carats and a bracelet in 18k white gold with 13 carats of diamonds and a ring in 18k yellow gold set with diamonds.”

Anderson previously portrayed the conservative former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on “The Crown,” telling Harper’s Bazaar in 2020 that she tried to portray her as a “human being.”

In a 2021 interview, Anderson opened up about her disdain for bras and her fashion choices.

“[It’s] probably the same as my go-to out-of-lockdown outfit,” she stated. “I’m so lazy.”